There are millions of people who are deathly afraid of public speaking. It doesn’t have to remain that way. We want to put a dent in that number so we can help more people improve their speaking and take away this fear. The best speakers in the world also get nervous before getting up to speak. The difference is that they have mastered a system or a process that allows them to not let it show. This is that type of system, and it works!

Start Now

">SpeakWrite is an online course that allows you to learn the basics of writing well so you can speak better. I developed this course after spending several years training speaking professionals who work in various corporate environments. I found that the foundation for good speaking was always good writing. A majority of the professionals I interacted with seemed to only need a good template to help them formulate their thoughts in order to have a solid message when they began to speak.

You will learn:

  • What communication is
  • The difference between talking and speaking
  • The benefits of communicating right
  • The value of good speaking
  • The mechanics of crafting a good message.
  • The art of Start Now

It is designed for any type of speaker, from your average Joe giving a wedding toast to your avid professional giving a keynote commencement speech, and everything in between.

We use various methods of presenting content to appeal to a variety of learning styles:

  • Short videos
  • Short text snippets
  • Photos and relevant images
  • Interactive templates for immediate practice
  • Example videos from a wide variety of speakers
  • Tools you can use to enhance your writing and speaking
  • Quizzes to test your learning

It is an easy to use, creatively flowing method of enhancing your natural skills. Try it, you won't regret it. It's worth the investment to gain a skill that will last you a lifetime!