In today’s loud world of social media and digital engagement, it is very difficult yet also very necessary for us to connect with our listeners, followers, and audience groups. There are many ways to connect but a business must consider the purpose of connecting more than just the act of connecting.

Just like there are unwritten rules regarding personal etiquette and interaction, there are 3 rules of social media content that must not be broken (in my book):

1. Relevance

If it’s not relevant to your demographic and audience, it is not worth posting. It easily becomes a waste of time and effort on your part and a meaningless scroll-through event on the viewer’s part. 

How do we measure relevance? Content that benefits the user, adds value, triggers their thoughts, or simply makes them laugh is relevant.

It doesn’t have to be an academic paper with all the answers to all their problems. It just needs to be relevant in any way possible.

2. Timely

In a fast-moving digital world, what I ate yesterday is old news, people want to know what I’m eating today, better yet, what I’m eating right now. Social media trending topics such as area 51, the 10-year challenge, TBT, faceApp and so on, only work if done in the moment, while the trend is hot, hype and running.

Company events and social interactions only have an effect if posted right away. Don’t post about the office Christmas party in January, it’s already old news. Social media is intended for fast movement. Timeliness means effectiveness.

3. Impactful

It is better to share another person’s content that has an impact on your audience than to generate your own and have no impact. On social media, originality is not what the majority of people are looking for, they want impact, resonance, and results.

In fact, social media is designed for social interactions. Sharing other people’s content (as long as you give them credit) boosts your own credibility and digital footprint.

While each of the social platforms has a different and unique purpose, they all work in the same way. Imagine yourself going to a meet and greet with your business cards in hand, strategy in mind, you talk about business as well as all other things that help people relax, enjoy the conversation, and like you more./ you then give them your business card with the hope and belief that your performance has won you a follow-up appointment.

Social media works the same way, only different. The meet and greet is virtual and all digital.