When used properly social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are business owners greatest resource. Facebook alone reaches over 2 billion people around the world and Instagram is right around 1 billion. Youtube – 1.5b, Twitter – 560m, and LinkedIn – 500m. This is why you must use social media to get your name out into the world and promote your company?

The trick is not to do it on your own. When you hire the services provided by a social media marketing company you are guaranteed to see some significant improvements within your business. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the services but you’ll get a return on your investment that makes it completely worth it.

Companies such as Angaza Solutions that specialize in social media marketing, do more than just post on your company wall and respond to comments. Here are a few other services provided that make the investment one of the best decisions of your professional life.

Account management

This service means that your social media accounts are completely in the hands of the social media marketing team. There are two main components of account management: content creation and engagement. Content creation is just as it sounds; it involves creating the content for your pages and finding relevant content to post that will interest your customer base.

Engagement involves actually engaging with followers and friends on your social media business accounts. This includes responding to inquiries and comments, strategically reaching out to potential business partners, finding influencers to market your product, and deleting spam or negative comments.

Customer service

There is most likely a customer service division within your company. Well, there is also one in a social media marketing agency that deals with solving customer problems directly on the platforms. The first step in this requires the social media professional to be trained on your company’s policies and overall methodology.

Paid media advertising

Social media advertising comes at a cost but keeps in mind the number of potential customers you will reach with these ads. The main platform for this is currently Facebook and it requires constant monitoring and content optimization. Organic traffic (like the stuff we mentioned before) is great and all but the best way to profit from social media is through advertising.

Account growth and management

Social media marketing professionals know that you should NEVER buy followers and friends to fill your account space but maybe as a beginner, you are unaware of this. It is completely not worth it because if you get caught it can ruin your account in the long run. Instead, leave it to the pros to use hyper-focused practices to target your desired audience.

For Facebook account growth the experts know that it is necessary to share your content in tons of groups in order to increase your following. They also utilize share partnerships with other business accounts and invest in paid advertising. There are different methods used for each social media platform and social media marketers know the best strategies for each one.

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